Holiday Skip-A-Pay

Ever wish you could hit “pause” on your monthly loan payment(s)?  With our Skip-a-Pay program, you can skip a payment on eligible CSCU Vehicle or Signature loans!  Members can apply to skip up to 1 payment/year, 3 total skips/life of loan, up to 2 loans/year.

To be eligible, your loan must be current, open at least 6 months with no late/partial/skipped payments this year, no charge offs on any prior CSCU loans, with maximum of 1 Skip A Pay or Hardship Extension every 12 months, and a total of 3 skips/extensions over the life of the loan. *

This Agreement is only effective upon the withdrawal of a $48 skip fee by the Credit Union.  To accept this offer, learn more, or see if you are eligible to skip, simply email or call our Loan Department at (580)718-4050.

* This is a Loan Extension Agreement and is available for closed end consumer loans only. Interest continues to accrue during the month skipped, and loan maturity date will extend one month beyond the current maturity date. This Agreement does not otherwise alter the original terms and conditions of the loan contract. Regular payments resume the month after the skip. Each Guarantor hereby consents to this extension of the loan by the Borrower and the Credit Union, without affecting the liability of any Guarantors. Guarantors agree that this or any notice by the Credit Union to any of these makers shall constitute notice to any and all Guarantors, who waive any and all notice required by the Uniform Commercial Code or applicable law. All Guarantors agree that these terms apply to them jointly and severally. Maximum of two eligible loans skipped or hardship extension per borrower per calendar year. I understand that if my loan is not eligible, my payment cannot be skipped.