Member Information Card Update


When you join us, we share a quick-reference Member Information Card, recently updated to include a new Toll-Free phone number that makes it easier to call outside of Kay County.  Our first batch of updated information cards included a Toll-Free number that is not ours.  Further, I believe it points to an entertainment service that is inappropriate and does not reflect who we are.  While the printing error was quickly identified, a handful of these “bad” information cards made it into wallets of our new Members.  Our correct Toll-Free phone number is (888) 672-1166.  If you are holding a Member Information Card that shows a Toll-Free phone number other than this, simply mail it back or stop by for a free replacement.  Meanwhile, please accept my personal apology, and my thanks for continuing to Bank Better with Cherokee Strip Credit Union.

Johnny O’Hare
President & CEO